The ephemeral beauty of sakura

La beauté éphémère du sakura

Posted by   Joanna Calla   25/03/2023     Nature and floral language    0 Comments

The sakura, or cherry blossom in Japanese, is a strong symbol of Japanese culture. Every year, during the cherry blossom season, Japanese people gather to admire this fleeting beauty and celebrate the renewal of nature.

Cherry trees, of which there are over 200 varieties in Japan, generally bloom between late March and early April.

This period is called "Hanami" and is considered one of the most beautiful times of the year in Japan. Japanese people organize picnics under the blooming cherry trees, drink sake, and enjoy this moment of relaxation.

Sakura is a symbol of renewal, fleeting beauty, and the fragility of life. It represents the Japanese spirit of "mono no aware", which means "the sadness of ephemeral things". 

This notion of the brevity of life is very present in Japanese culture and is reflected in many aspects of daily life.

The cherry blossom season is also an important time for Japanese students who take their exams in April. The blooming cherry trees symbolize hope and the new life that lies ahead.

Sakura is also present in many traditional Japanese arts. It can be found in painting, ceramics, prints, literature, and more.

It is considered one of the most representative motifs of Japanese culture.

Cherry blossoms also have a special meaning in Shinto religion. They are considered a symbol of purification and spiritual renewal.

In summary, the cherry blossom season is a very important time of year for the Japanese.

Sakura is a strong symbol of Japanese culture and represents fleeting beauty and the fragility of life. It is present in many aspects of Japanese culture and is considered one of its most representative motifs.

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