René Lalique, the modern Vulcan

René Lalique, le Vulcain moderne

Posted by   Joanna Calla   8/04/2023     Art Nouveau    0 Comments

René Lalique, the artisan of glass and fire, was qualified by Colette as the "master of fire and glass".

In his universe, flower-women adorned with mother-of-pearl, pearls, ivory, and translucent enamel come to life.

On April 6, 1860, at 10 o'clock in the morning, René Lalique was born in Ay, Champagne, under the Aries sun sign: frank, direct, spontaneous. His Cancer ascendant makes him dreamy and artistic, while his Chinese zodiac sign, the Monkey, gives him an evident mischief.

His era is fruitful, his style frees itself, a "whip on noodles" in a vegetal movement.

At 20, René Lalique revealed himself through his jewelry, cruel and magnificent bestiaries at the same time, composed of thistles, wasps, scarabs, snakes, orchids, spiders, frogs, lilies of the valley, dragonflies, wolves, claws... intertwining in a torment of vines, enamels, gold.

A modern Vulcan who twists scales, horns, ivory, and ebony, which he stings with luminous stones and venoms step by step towards a glass paste... For women of this era: ship bows, stair rails, strangled waists, bodies strapped with iron corsets, bouncing chests and croups soaring on high-heeled boots.

Hetaeras from another time, sacrificed goddesses ready to sacrifice themselves, their hair at their feet, Lalique's women ignited desire, were harpies of jealousy, magnificent witches, and carnivorous Sabbaths.

Poiret arrives, Chanel emerges, Proust writes, Freud analyzes, and Lalique... patents a new beauty on the hair of theater actresses, courtesans, and high society ladies; hair, necklines, jewelry, nothing is too beautiful for these lunar women with milk-white or stone-like complexions.

In a world dominated by austere black and fiery colors such as red, purple, and emerald green, Lalique managed to create a shimmering universe inspired by nature and the eternal beauty of women so they could shine brightly.

These are my inspirations, my influences, and what I wish to offer you through my jewelry: to highlight women so that they can shine brightly.

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