Joanna Calla adds color to your life
                             Joanna Calla creates a unique world for you

Joanna Calla, but what is it?

Joanna Calla is a brand of jewelry and hairdressing accessories located in Paris,

and above all, it is an online store for women (and men :)) and young women

looking for a colorful, unique and timeless piece of jewelry.

You will find in my shop jewelry with a thousand colors:

                             flowery or graphic jewelry (mandala),

                             diverse and varied collections all in color,

                             golden, silver and bohemian jewelry,

                             bag accessories to put in your bag,

                             hair accessories because you're worth it;)

                             cufflinks for you and your man.

So if you want colors, flowers, discover my shop, and you will surely find a jewel, which is made for you, and which awaits you.

But who is Joanna Calla?

I introduce myself, my name is Joanna.


I am of Slavic origin, a Polish-Russian mix :) and I have lived in Paris for many years already.

Curious by nature and loving craftsmanship, in 2010 I started to create polymer clay jewelry.

In 2011 I launched my 1st brand "Bijoux enchantés" and I followed a training in jewelry at the Boulle school in Paris.

Over time, I grew up and thought about my project and I stopped "Bijoux enchantés" in 2016 by replacing it with a new name by Joanna Calla

(composed of my first name and the name of calla flower) and also creation of hairdressing accessories.



My creations being inspired by Art Nouveau, I offer you bohemian chic floral jewelry

silver, tassels, plated with fine gold.

        Bohemian jewelry plated with fine gold for women who love colors

        and a flowery universe (or mandala).

        Silver jewelry, discreet, poetic that crosses time.

        Tassel jewelry with a mixture of metal, fabric flowers and tassels.

  Hairdressing accessories and bag.


These are poetic, feminine jewels that give a touch of color and highlight the woman.

All the jewels are unique pieces and they are entirely handmade.

I invite you to discover my world inspired by my Slavic origins, in which you will find:

                                 color to brighten up your look,

                                                unique pieces that you will not see anywhere else.

See you soon