Do you also like flowers, nature and its colors?
Like me, do you want to get away from it all to forget the daily greyness, to smell the scents of flowers, the warmth of the sun, the song of birds?
Do you want to feel more beautiful and more feminine?

Welcome to my bohemian, floral and colorful universe!

Through my floral and colorful creations,

I want to give women a smile,

a good mood while bringing you closer to the nature

that you miss so much on a daily basis.

I passionately imagine unique and timeless pieces that are easy to wear on a daily basis and that are always in tune with the times.
These poetic creations filled with intense colors that are like you: unique and timeless.

Joanna Calla in short...

Flowers, colors, plants, bohemian spirit: my creations are inspired by Art Nouveau (which I love) and its "noodle" style, nature for the pattern and Slavic folklore of my origins for the color.

Joanna Calla was born from this love for nature and its colors that I miss so much on a daily basis, being a city dweller and living in a big city.
Her name is made up of my first name Joanna and the white flower name: Calla.

Who am I ?

Of Polish and Parisian origin by adoption, my grandparents and my parents themselves lovers and practicing crafts rocked me and instilled in me the taste and passion for manual work.

I have never studied Fine Arts, I have always been self-taught and I have just perfected my knowledge through craft training in different workshops.

I learned to make mosaics, old bookbinding, and one day I met polymer clay and my jewelry was born.

It is a material with infinite working possibilities and stunning results.

Polymer clay jewelry is very light and very strong.

All patterns are handmade, they are unique pieces.

Each piece is baked, sanded, polished and then varnished.

The jewels are mounted on silver, stainless steel or brass fittings (golden, silver or 24k fine gold plated), in order to avoid any allergy.
I invite you to discover my universe inspired by nature and flowers, in which you will find:
                                 color to brighten up your look that will make you forget your everyday life,
                                                unique pieces that you won't see anywhere else.