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Artisan of art   

Joanna Calla is a registered and certified brand


Handcrafted Creations

All jewelry is handmade is unique pieces


Made in Paris Label

Joanna Calla is certified by the City of Paris

Holly resonates as an invitation to discover a collection

of jewelry subtly inspired by nature.

Like the eponymous shrub, with its hard, prickly leaves adorned

with bright red berries, each piece in this collection

combines discreet elegance with striking beauty.

With their delicate floral motifs, these very lightweight earrings

allow you to wear a fragment of nature every day.

Let yourself be enchanted by their subtle charm and refinement.

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The enchanting world of Joanna Calla,

where Flora intertwines with the splendor of Art Nouveau to create unique jewelry, celebrating femininity and everyday beauty.

Inspired by floral motifs and the elegance of this artistic movement, my creations offer you a sensory escape from urban hustle to a universe where Flora and Art Nouveau coexist in perfect harmony.
Explore my collection of artisan jewelry: earrings that whisper secrets, necklaces that tell stories, bracelets that adorn delicately, and brooches that evoke eternity, all handcrafted with love. These unique pieces, far beyond mere accessories, embody a lasting bond between nature, art, and femininity.
My jewelry and collections are recognized as “Artistic Crafts” and are made in Paris.
So join me on a journey where each piece of jewelry is an amulet, bringing color and texture to your life, illuminating every moment with a touch of artistic and floral magic.
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Suscribe to the Calla box
and receive directly at home and every month a surprise jewel

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