Welcome to the enchanting universe of Joanna Calla,

where flowers and plants dance in harmony, weaving connections with the timeless elegance of Art Nouveau.

Guided by the magic of nature and the essence of this iconic artistic movement, I breathe life into unique treasures that bear witness to refined eternity. These jewels are designed to elevate your femininity and illuminate your everyday.
If your heart beats to the rhythm of the shimmering shades of flower fields, if you're captivated by the intoxicating fragrances of nature, and enamored with the enchanting floral motifs of Art Nouveau, then here, you'll find solace.
Through my creations, I invite you to a sensory escape, pulling you away from the urban tumult to immerse you in a bucolic garden, where the grandeur of nature dances in harmony with the delicate curves of Art Nouveau.
Stroll through my collection and discover an array of floral jewelry: earrings that whisper secrets, necklaces that tell stories, bracelets that delicately adorn, and brooches that evoke eternity. Each piece is the result of a meticulous metamorphosis, carefully crafted and uniquely imbued with essence, thanks to my hand-fashioned polymer clay cabochons.
My jewelry transcends the role of ephemeral accessory; they are emissaries of a romance between nature and femininity. Defying the transience of trends, they harmoniously blend with every outfit and occasion.
Let yourself be enchanted by this bohemian and floral ambiance, and find the perfect amulet to infuse your existence with a symphony of colors and textures. Join me in this odyssey where art and nature unite to weave a tapestry of enchantment, illuminating every moment of your life.
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Made in Paris

Made in Paris

I am very happy to share my joy with you. I have just received the “Made in Paris” label for my Rosa collection.


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