Behind Joanna Calla is Joanna, a Polish native and an adopted Parisian.

Born in the early 70s, a Gemini with a Libra ascendant (not easy every day to live with many people in my head). 

I am passionate about craftsmanship and art, as well as Art Nouveau and nature.

My grandparents and parents, who themselves were lovers and practitioners of crafts, nurtured and instilled in me a taste and passion for manual work.

Being a self-taught person at heart, I perfected my skills by following artisanal training in various workshops (bookbinding, mosaic).

It was during a meeting with polymer clay that my passion for creating jewelry was born.

In 2016, I thus created my eponymous brand, Joanna Calla (my first name Joanna and the name of a white flower: Calla), to offer timeless and colorful jewelry that embodies the bohemian and floral spirit that characterizes me.


My jewelry is a clever mix of my Slavic origins, my love for Art Nouveau, and nature.

In 2022, I received the title of Artisan of Art from the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Paris, a great pride for me.

Today, in 2023, after 25 years of being an employee, I have quit my job to devote myself body and soul to my artisanal project and the development of my business.

Now, I feel that I am in the right place, aligned with my life and my goals.

Being at the helm of my business requires me to wear several hats: managing the website, social media, taking photos, doing marketing, taking care of the administrative work, training myself, and, of course, creating jewelry for my clients.

But it is a fascinating and fulfilling job that allows me to bring my ideas to life and share my passion with the world.

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