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Echoes of Art Nouveau and Bursting Flowers

Each Joanna Calla jewel is an ode to a unique story, inspired by the beauty of flora and the timeless elegance of Art Nouveau.

My floral creations come to life in distinctive collections, evoking emotions that transcend the everyday.

They reflect a bygone era and a contemporary passion for art and beauty.

These jewels, like pieces of history captured in clay and metal, tell tales of grace and inspiration.

Here, each flower, each curve becomes a living symbol, a vector of stories that are shared, celebrated, and endure through time.

Precision: Valuing the craftsmanship and attention to detail in each creation, for an authentic and refined art of jewelry.

Precision is the hallmark of every Joanna Calla jewel.

Each piece is handcrafted with meticulous precision and attention to detail.

From the choice of materials to the final finish, every step is carried out with dedicated accuracy and care, ensuring that each piece is not only aesthetically captivating but also well-crafted.

This precision guarantees jewelry that is not only beautiful on the outside but also imbued with an authenticity and integrity that speak of the heart and spirit of the craftsman

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Passion: Sharing the passion for floral beauty and art, thus inspiring every woman to discover joy and elegance in Joanna Calla jewelry.

At the heart of Joanna Calla, the passion for Art Nouveau and the enchanting beauty of flora is more than a source of inspiration: it is a flame that I seek to share with you.

Each jewel I create is a fragment of this passion, a bridge between my artistic heart and the world.

In choosing a Joanna Calla jewel, you touch not only a handmade piece but also a story, an emotion, a love for art and nature.

It is in this connection, in this sharing of passion, that the true magic of my creations lies.


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Elegance: Cultivating timeless grace in each creation, for a sublimated femininity.

Elegance at Joanna Calla transcends fleeting trends.

Each jewel is an expression of grace and refinement designed to enhance the femininity of those who choose them.

Elegance is seen as a timeless quality, present in the fluid lines, the delicate motifs, and the harmonious choice of materials.

These creations do not just complement an outfit; they celebrate and enhance the uniqueness of each woman, offering a touch of elegance that emanates from within and radiates outward.

My jewelry is designed to beautify every day with simplicity and finesse, so that elegance is more than an appearance but a true expression of oneself.

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