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Welcome to the world of Joanna Calla

Imagine a place where flora meets art, where the bright colors of Slavic folklore intertwine with the grace of Art Nouveau.


At Joanna Calla, every woman finds a passage to this floral and poetic universe, a space where escape and beauty await.

In this world, Art Nouveau is not just an artistic movement; it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The floral and organic motifs, true signatures of my creations, are a celebration of flora in all its splendor.

Each piece of jewelry is an invitation to travel back in time, to an era where art exalted femininity with soft lines and captivating natural motifs.

My creations are much more than jewelry; they are symbols of joy and escape.

Designed to be easily worn on a daily basis, they offer a perfect balance between timelessness and modernity.

Each unique piece, crafted with extraordinary precision and passion, reflects this universe where color and life triumph over urban grayness.

Choosing a Joanna Calla jewel is to choose to wear a bit of this magic. 

It's adding a touch of nature to your everyday life, brightening your days, and enhancing your femininity.

Let yourself be transported by the beauty, elegance, and story that each creation tells, and join me in this celebration of art, color, and life.

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