Nature and its colors

La nature et ses couleurs

Posted by   Joanna Calla   19/10/2020     Inspirations    0 Comments

The world is beautiful. Just look around.

I have always been amazed by the beauty of the world. By the colors and patterns that nature creates. Just stop a bit, and watch.

Each season has its own colors.


It is the renewal, the awakening of the animals, the flowering of the plants.

The sap rises, the buds remained closed throughout the winter, open and new leaves of a soft green appear.

This is the time when migratory birds return and those who used to hibernate wake up.


It is the hottest season when the sunshine is at its maximum.

It is the metaphor of a good time.

All the colors are there.


Autumn is characterized by its ocher colors.

The sun is decreasing, the animals are preparing to hibernate, but also the trees which are losing their leaves..

The leaves, losing the chlorophyll responsible for their green color, take on the color of other pigments.

They color in yellow, orange or even red.


It is the season of plant rest, of animal hibernation.

It is characterized by its white and blue color.

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