Nouvelle année et nos résolutions

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To start this new year, I wish you all a wonderful year 2023.

And as we are in January, we make good resolutions hoping to stick to them.

Good resolutions are a custom of Western civilization which, on the occasion of the transition to the new year on January 1, consists of making one or more commitments to oneself to improve a behavior, a habit or a way of life during the year to come.

For example, we may want:

- improve our physical well-being (eating healthy, losing weight, playing sports, quitting smoking, etc.)

- improve our mental well-being (laugh more often, be positive, enjoy life, reduce stress, etc.)

- improve our finances (save money, pay debts, etc.)

- improve our social commitment (be sociable, spend more time with friends or family, find a better job, etc.)

- travel, etc.

Starting a new resolution when it's cold outside, it's raining and you're warm at home, is not easy.

In general, these resolutions are difficult to keep, but there are methods to make it happen.

Mainly you have to ask yourself the question "do I really want to do it and what can I do to get there?"

For example, we can separate our resolution into full small steps.

If we have decided to get back into sports, to stay in shape or lose weight, we can divide our resolution into steps "choose a sport", "start running 30 minutes on Sunday", "find other people who practice this sport to feel less alone", etc.

If you have decided to be more zen, to get less angry, it requires work on yourself, to ask yourself the question "why am I getting angry?", to succeed in lowering the rise in your anger, etc.

To stay on course, you have to make a plan, write your progress in a notebook or on a sheet, share your experiences with other people, make sure you don't flinch at the first obstacle.

Have faith in yourself! The revival is here! Start this new year by focusing on yourself and taking care of yourself!

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